Fountain Of Israel

Bible Studies Class


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 More Lessons                                                   Holy Day Lessons

The True Gospel Revealed                                     Atonement

Prosperity: The Money Gospel                               Memorial of Trumpets

The Epistles of Paul: Clearing up the Confusion       Pentecost

The Rapture Theory Revisited                               Christ Our Passover p1

Jesus: The God No One Knows                             Christ Our Passover p2

Convert Now….to be saved in the end!                  Unleavened Bread Day 1

The Fear of the Lord                                            Unleavened Bread Day 2

The Law of Love and Life                                     Slide show Lessons

Persecution of the Saints                                   King James Bible Exposed?!

Angels: Good and Evil pt 1

Angels: Good and Evil pt 2

Idolatry: Abomination unto God

Enter in at the Strait Gate

Wisdom,Knowledge & Understanding

Faith in Action

Lamb’s Book of Life

The Blind Leading the Blind

Vanity of Vanities

Godhead & The Holy Ghost p1

Godhead & The Holy Ghost p2

Judged by Law, Pardoned by Grace Pt 1 

Judged by Law Pardoned by Grace Pt2

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